Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My 1/60th of a Worhol

I'm a devoted listener to K-EARTH 101, a Los Angeles oldies station. The morning DJ, Gary Bryan has several fun features, including something he calls "Generation Gap".

In "Generation Gap", kids under the age of 18 are invited to call in (with someone over the age of 18 standing by). The 'game' is simple. Gary gives them the name of two rock & roll groups, "one of them is real, the other is bogus" The kid needs to get two of three correct to win.

>>side note -- in the six years or so that Gary has been doing this bit, not a single kid has failed to name two correct groups. If that means the 'challenge' is blatantly easy after the first goof, so be it -- but I digress<<

As part of the intro, Gary will ask the kid who is there with hir. Most of the time it's a parent. Gary will then ask the parent's name.

I've had couple of burning questions for some time, and decided last night to send Gary an email (via the station's web site) with the questions:

1. Have you ever had a kid confused by the word 'bogus'?
2. Has there even been a kid give their parent's name as "Mommy"? (Sometimes the kids are as young as five or six).

So this morning, about 6:30am Gary read my email on the air! He gave my whole name, and even mentioned my email address (not the dot-whatever part, though). I even got a chuckle from the Entertainment editor, because my IRL name is the same as a '60s TV icon (last name has a minor spelling variation).

The answer to both questions was no, but he did say that he's expecting to get the "mommy" response some day.

The whole thing lasted about 10 seconds, but I was walking on air for most of the day (and writing this has brightened my early evening, too!)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

More kwazy katz

It seems as if Fido has become a mother.

Well, O'Malley seems to think so...